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30 Foot Ceiling Duster

This 30 Foot high reach Duster kit with 7-24 ft extension pole is exquisite of with a high ceiling, this tool can reach the most outdated and with ease. It includes an 7-24 ft extension pole and the Duster is terrific for removing any build-up, dust and debris.

30 Foot Ceiling Duster Ebay

The 30 Foot high reach Duster kit with 7-24 ft extension pole is designed to get the job done right, job done quickly, this kit includes the duster, 24 ft of extensions cable, and 7-24 ft of the high reach wire. It's first-rate for reaching high spaces above the Ceiling that don't require other means of containment, this kit includes an 30 Foot Ceiling Duster with an 7-24 ft extension pole. It is top for cleaning high-ceilinged areas without using hair-removal techniques, this amazing extension rod can be used for an 20-inch Ceiling fan or an 30-inch fan. It is a microfiber Duster that is fabricated to reach high-end fans, it presents a long, long reach, making it outstanding for reaching high-end fans. This Duster as well facile to use, just remove the end that is on the left in the picture, what is the 36 Foot high reach Duster kit with 7-30 ft extension pole? The 36 Foot high reach Duster kit is top-of-the-heap for individuals hunting to dust their ceilings up to 36 feet high. The kit includes an 36-foot extension pole and an 7-30 ft.