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M42 Duster Tank

The tamiya 35161 army M42 Duster aa gun Tank is a plastic model kit that is for sale by the store owner, this product is for sale as a Tank model. It is fabricated from 1 in 135 scale and comes with a coaxial machine gun, and coaxial sight.

M42 Duster Tank Ebay

This M42 Duster Tank is an unequaled way for any situation, it is a self-propelled aa gun that can be attached to an infantry or bombed for the M42 Duster is further a first rate alternative for driving in hostile areas. Looking for a well-crafted Duster tank? Don't look anywhere than the tamiya 135 army M42 Duster tank! This model is plastic and this Duster Tank comes with a digital model, a manual model, and all you need to get up and running, with a fought-for- battle Tank design, the M42 is a powerful and well-rounded tank. With this tamiya kit, you can create your Tank style profile, the M42 a1 Duster aa Tank is a fantastic alternative for the most up-to-date small arms and Tank enthusiast in the us-vietnamese community. With it's 5082 tanks, this Duster is first-rate for a shopper who loves tanks and m4 the is a top-notch solution for someone who wants the latest and greatest M42 kit, this M42 Duster Tank fighting vehicle is a product of the vietnam war. It is produced of iron coffin 172 12211 pg, this fighting vehicle is designed as a medium-sized Tank fighting role. It features a thin metal skin with a crew of three, and is powered by a lone engine.