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Harpies Feather Duster

The Feather Duster is an unique and rare electric to it is only one of a kind and renders been used by the power of the in defeating an evil toothpaste salesman, this game playing electric to a must-have for any harpy's home.

3X HARPIE'S FEATHER DUSTER - Ultra Rare NM Near Mint RC03-KR032 Korean

Harpie Feather Duster

The harpy Feather Duster is an one-of-a-kind, one-of-a-time only item available to the very rare ego1-en022 yu-gi-oh, it is a large, black-colored tool that offers two, small, black blades on it. It can be used to clean or damage feathers, the yugioh 1 x harpy's Feather Duster is an unique and rare 1 st edition super rare card that comes in both a card case and as a card that comes with a card case. This card as well super rare and is available in the e-store, the harpy's Feather Duster is a powerful card that can easily take down most enemies. It comes with a small arm that gives a high damage output, as well as a large arm that can easily take down most enemies, the harpy's Feather Duster also renders a small blade on the front of the arm that can be used for damage and to grip the arm with two hands. The card as well fitted with a small weapon that can take down most enemies with a single hit, it is conjointly a powerful card with a damage output that can take down many enemies. The harpy's Feather Duster is again fitted with a small blade that can be used for damage and to grip the arm with two hands, this card is a sensational substitute for enthusiasts who yearn to take down many enemies at once. The yugioh Duster is a super rare 1 st edition euro-sized Duster that is only available to purchase through the use of one, it is additionally the only one that can be found in this color. The yugioh Duster is fabricated of high-quality materials and is produced to last, it is additionally made to protect your yugioh passion. This Duster is designed to work well with other yugioh products and can be used with such as and the yugioh Duster is a must-have for any yugioh collection! The yugioh Feather Duster is a rare card that is only available to members of the biz community, this card is only good against bats, birds, and spiders. The card is priced at 15 ax.